Skeie | Sonett Recliner

Skeie | Sonett is a new cinema chair that has been developed in collaboration with White Architects.

The goal was to create a design that was innovative, and at the same time retaining the good properties that our cinema chairs are famous for. This also included a desire to continue our unique chassis, which has an extremely long service life. We have succeeded with both challenges, where the design of the seat / back and an open armrest with integrated cup holder, gives a slimmer appearance, and reuse of the metal base gives the chair an even lower environmental footprint. This also provides a unique opportunity for those of our customers who already have Sonate or Solist recliners, where they can keep existing chassis and get a complete upgrade of the hall at a reduced cost.


  • The accessory program and the many adaptations that our customers are used to from the Sonate and Solist series will largely also be available for Sonett. Get in touch to find out what is possible for your project!
  • Please contact us if you would like more information about this product.
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