Special Design

Skeie has a long tradition of offering bespoken solutions, together with the customer. The way we do it makes us unique in the market. We are a relatively small and very flexible company, which means that there is an unprecedented short distance from idea to implementation. As a customer, you want to communicate directly with the people who will turn your ideas into reality, which is a guarantee that the product you get lives up to your expectations. We will work to find good solutions to the challenges inherent in the project. Be it minor adjustments to existing products, or that we actually end up making completely new accessories or even chair models. In this overview, we show some of what we have already developed together with our customers or on our own initiative. We form a special solution together with the customer, and with our long experience, the right tools and implementation ability, we come to a result that you are satisfied with. We are also proud to say that we very rarely fail when we try out ideas for the first time.

Get in touch to discuss your challenge or need for a special solution with our experienced and knowledgeable staff.