Turnkey supplier

Skeie Seating AS is a turnkey supplier, and offers many types of additional services in connection with a seating solution delivery:

  • Consulting services in early phase and during the project execution.
  • Preparation of digital plan and section drawings.
  • 3D visualization of halls and products.
  • Provision of textile samples, samples of carpets and coatings, stair lights, etc. from our subcontractors.
  • Development and production of bespoken solutions together with the customer.
  • Assembly and installation of selected products at the agreed time.
  • Training for operation and maintenance.
  • Service agreements and spare parts to ensure low life cycle costs.

We can assist in finding the right solution for the individual project. Together, we uncover critical information and create security that you will have a well-thought-out solution by combining our expertise with the requirements that lie in the individual project.

As a turnkey supplier, we have also established firm relationships to a number of high quality suppliers, which means that you, as a customer, can leave the entire delivery to us. We take care of the construction of the amphitheatre, with all the accessories, lighting, carpets / floor coverings, interfaces for ventilation, electrical, IT, etc., and of course tables and chairs.