Skeie | Logos F

Logos F is built according to the same principle as the other Logos models, but this one is fully upholstered and without visible wooden details. Total thickness in both seat and back construction is 50 mm and can be delivered with textile types and colours according to the customer’s wishes and budgets. The chair is suitable for all types of teaching and provides a good sitting experience and a good learning environment.


  • 4 center widths, as standard.
  • 4 standard back heights for optimal set up in accordance with riser height and sight lines.
  • Can be installed in steps or treads.
  • Tread length should be min. 900 mm (850 mm without a table) to ensure the recommended escape route.
  • Can be installed in curved rows.
  • 5-year warranty against design and manufacturing defects, as standard.
  • For more information, see downloads.
  • See Skeie | Logos
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