Skeie | Epic Electric recliner

Skeie | Epic is an electrically adjustable recliner that is both optimized for comfort throughout a long cinema performance, and the cinema owner’s desire for an efficient operation. The ergonomics have been built on the same principle as our well-known cinema chair series. Skeie | Epic has a solid inner frame, and cold moulded polyurethane foam in the seat and back, making them elastic and soft. All cushions are soft, but with sufficient load-bearing capacity to ensure you are comfortably seated throughout the film. The chair deliberately requires less tread length than most competing products, without compromising on actual comfort. This makes it easier to combine fire regulations and economical utilization of the hall. With Epic, you will get more recliners into the hall, without compromising on comfort! The chair has a very solid construction, which will ensure Skeie quality and long service life. The chair’s construction also meets the cinema owner’s requirements for easy cleaning, where typical collection points for dust and garbage are eliminated and cleaning can take place in a very efficient way.

Both the back / seat and footrest can be adjusted separately for the desired sitting position. Integrated headrest with lateral support, ensures good comfort. We have chosen a space saving leg support. When passing, it is easy to pull your feet up, so that other guests can easily pass without having to drive the footrest back.

All electrical components are purchased from reputable subcontractors, have a very high quality and are tested and approved by TÜV. All swivel joints are equipped with maintenance-free plain bearings from renowned Igus®, which prevent wear, grease spilling and noise. Skeie | Epic has passed EN 12727: 2016, level 4, which is the highest level, with 200,000 cycles, and which ensures long service life and low life cycle costs.


  • Centre width 640 mm, as standard.
  • Back height 1090mm, as standard.
  • Integrated table in the armrests.
  • Tread length from 1800 mm.
  • Can be installed in both straight and curved rows.
  • 5-year warranty against design and manufacturing defects, as standard.
  • For more information, see downloads.
  • Automatically delayed reset when using sensor mat.
  • USB socket.
  • Induction charge.
  • Table with recessed integrated cup holder.
  • Lux table w / wine holder.
  • Open / close function with washing light for easy access for cleaning staff.
  • Embroidered logo and seat number.
  • Other customizations on request.
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