Accessories for chairs

To get a complete hall, optimized for you guests, you often need clearly visible seat and row numbers, as well as a cup holder for the individual chair. We have several variants. We also offer different table solutions for our chairs.

We have a selection of standard seat numbering, but can also provide special products or embroider seat numbers in the seat cover.

Row numbers can be supplied both as LED lights and as luminescent signs. If you order our step lights, you can also have the row number integrated in the steps.

We offer several types of cup holders. See photos below. We can also deliver table solutions with integrated cup holder function. Our latest cup holder, specially developed for our Sonett model, can also be delivered with an integrated USB socket.

We can also deliver an infinite number of table solutions. If you do not find a variant that meets your needs on our websites, we recommend that you get in touch to hear what options are available.


  • Our salespersonell and project managers will advise on accessories for the individual project.
  • Tecknical product details upon request.
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