Palads Teatret, Frederikshavn

Skeie Seating as was chosen as the preferred supplier of cinema chairs in this project.

We have delivered top quality tailoring according to the customer’s specific wishes and requirements. The models chosen were Skeie|Epic, Skeie|Sonate Lux, Skeie|Sofa and Skeie|Chaiselounge.

All models were delivered with exquisite qualities of genuine European leather and Nordic wool. A spacious layout is luxury in itself and with several types of special table and lamps in brass, the luxury is raised to a very attractive level.


Welcome to the New Paladse Theatre!

The Palads Teatret has more than 100 years of history in Frederikshavn, and on 7 April 2022 the doors opened to a brand new film temple in the heart of the city. The cinema is privately owned and run by a local family of passionate film fans, and in connection with the planning and construction of the new cinema building, every precaution was taken to ensure that the audience would enjoy both a classic and state-of-the-art cinema experience in the North Jutland coastal town.

Even before the film starts, the audience will be greeted by a large and inviting foyer, which is furnished with a lounge and a cinema kiosk, which offers classic cinema snacks and ice-cold soft drinks, but also beer on tap, quality wines and freshly brewed coffee specialities.

Each floor has it`s very own style and feel – but world-class comfort is standard, regardless of where you choose to sit. The audience can choose between four different type of premium seating in the cinema's four halls with a total of 416 seats. In addition, the movie experience is supported by laser projection and Dolby Atmos sound systems as part of the cinema's high-tech equipment.

The setting is set for great experiences, and together with a curated selection of current premiere films from around the world, the cinema offers its guests a wide range of special performances such as anime, live concerts, performing arts, e-sports and much more in the cinema's magical darkness...

Welcome film lovers
Kh Kris & Sofia

Kris Søgaard Pedersen - Biografdirektør Palads Teatret