Etele Cinema

ETELE Plaza is a new large shopping center in the heart of Budapest in Hungary with 180 shops, restaurants and entertainment for old and young.

The ETELE Cinema opened in 2021 and with their 14-room multiplex, they take the cinema experience to a new level.

ETELE Cinema is a third-generation movie theatre with the latest technology in everything to provide the cinemagoers with the best cinematic experience possible.

In addition to the technology, Etele offer premium comfort and VIP sections with all-you-can-eat popcorn, dinner and fantastic cinema armchairs from Skeie.

Etele have also tailored their children’s screening room to the needs of the little ones with family booths, smaller cinema seats, playful puffs, all upholstered with colorful & happy textiles.

Skeie has delivered the following cinema seats and accessories to Etele:

  • Skeie Epic VIP Electric recliners incl. a special table with wireless charger and integrated cup holder.
  • Skeie Epic with manuel glide in the VIP section
  • Skeie Sonate glider seats with the new Sonett upholstered arm support
  • Skeie Sonate adapted for a younger audience