Burgtheater Ratzeburg, Hovedsalen

The cinema has a long and rich history:

As early as 1924, there was a film screening at Theaterplatz, first in Schauburg, a ‘modern sound film theater’ for the conditions at the time.

The Burgtheater has existed in its current form since 1950. The builder, restaurateur and cinema owner Ernst Steinhusen commissioned the renowned architect Caesar F. Pinnau to design a representative classical building, which was to be rised over the old brewery on the site of the former Schauburg. For the reopening on November 10, 1950, the crowds flocked to see the first German post-war film ‘Schwarzwaldmädel’.

The Burgtheater has been renovated again and now has 4 very modern screens.

For the main hall of the cinema we have delivered the Skeie | Sonate Tip Up and Skeie | Sonate Rocker models, mounted in curved rows.


"The cooperation with Skeie Seating AS was very good. We were in professional hands the whole way, from planning to implementation.
Even changes that appeared during the implementation was handled professionally without any problems.
The seating quality is outstanding, as our visitors confirm again and again. They are extremely satisfied with the result.
We thank SKEIE very much. A clear recommendation from our side."

Martin Turowski administrerende direktør Burgtheater Kulturgesellschaft.