Writing tables and electric accessories

In an auditorium built for lectures and teaching, it is natural with a writing table. Skeie delivers several variants, adapted to the individual chair model. We can also supply cable channels, sockets, USB and induction charging for most chair solutions.

Notis F is our best-selling table solution. A fixed table takes up minimal space and fits perfectly with both straight and curved rows, as well as at high risers. These can be delivered in different shapes, surfaces and colours.

Notis B is a solution where the table top is folded up / down as needed. It is attached to the back of chairs.

Notis C is a space saving cassette solution, specially designed for backs with an up-right design. Notis C can also be delivered for models with curvatures in the back, and is then mounted on a service list.

Notis A is a table solution integrated in the armrest and which can be folded up / down as needed.

Removable tables and front tables can be delivered for a first row. These are also adapted to solutions for guests in a wheelchair.


Today, most learning environments require the ability to charge computers and phones.
  • We can supply cable channels, sockets and USB connections.
  • Wireless charging or other integrations with IT systems are also an option.
  • Get in touch to discuss possibilities.
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