Telescopic seating

Telescopic seating, also known as rectractable seating, can be used for multi-purpose rooms in both theatre and culture houses, school and university buildings, conference buildings or in a sports arena, where there is a need to free up floor space in a simple way.

Skeie Seating AS has extensive experience with telescopic tribunes, which we negotiate on behalf of internationally renowned manufacturers. Our range includes everything from simple, manual stands to fully automatic, high-end tribunes with curved rows and very high quality materials and surfaces.

Our telescopic tribunes are developed with market-leading technology, and meet all the requirements for such facilities. Although these are products we do not produce ourselves, we are very careful in selecting partners, to ensure that the famous “Skeie quality” is also taken care of for these products.

Our knowledge is your assurance that you get the right tribune for your needs. With our products, you as a customer can be confident that you get a hassle-free operating period. You will get recommendations for an affordable maintenance program that secures you from unforeseen and costly repairs and, not at least, frustrating downtime that makes you have to change the programming for the room.

Our tribunes can be delivered with a large selection of chair models and benches. We are also in the process of adapting Skeie’s own chairs, so that in the near future you can have these delivered to your telescopic tribunes. First out will be our Logos model, which will be ready for delivery in early 2021. Get in touch to hear about opportunities!

In addition to our own chairs, we offer the entire range of chairs from our partners and their subcontractors.

Get in touch and we will find the type of telescope tribune that is best for your project.


  • Our telescopic grandstands are available in all sizes, including the very largest ones, or tribunes that can be moved around the room or stored in separate rooms.
  • On request, special solutions can also be produced to be able to automatically clear rows of chairs under the stage edge, in the floor, etc.
  • Ask us what is possible for your solution!
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