Skeie | Wave

Skeie | Wave is our most exclusive design product, with nominations and awards from both the Norwegian Design and Architecture Centre and the Red Dot Design Award. Wave was developed in collaboration with C.F. Møller Design in Denmark and technically further developed by Skeie’s own PD department. A great design and an ergonomically quality product shaped by moulded plywood, that we are proud of. The chair comes with tip-up seat as standard, but can also be delivered with a fixed seat. The chair can be delivered with upholstery in the back in addition to seat upholstery.


  • 4 center widths, as standard.
  • 4 standard back heights for optimal set up in accordance with riser height and sight lines.
  • Optimized number of floor mounts. Can be installed in steps or treads.
  • Tread length should be min. 920 mm to ensure the recommended escape route.
  • Can be installed in curved rows.
  • 5-year warranty against design and manufacturing defects, as standard.
  • For more information, see downloads.
  • Perforated wooden board under the seat (acoustics).
  • Extra thickness of seat upholstery.
  • Different types of floor mounts, including base with integrated ventilation.
  • Different table solutions.
  • Cable channels, sockets, USB sockets and induction charging.
  • Mesh back (model called Skeie | Air)
  • Ask us what else is possible.
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