Skeie | Symposium

Symposium is over time one of our most successful chairs for the education sector. It is fully upholstered and optimized for long teaching days and fits excellently with all our standard table solutions – both fixed writing table (Notis F), fold-down writing table (Notis B), writing table in cassette (Notis C) and hidden in the armrest (Notis A), in in addition to front tables and removable tables for the first row. All tabletops are available with a surface according to the customer’s wishes and needs. Many size variants, both in width and height, provide a good starting point for designing the ideal teaching space. Fully upholstered seats and backs provides good sound absorption, which ease communication and interaction for the lecturer and the students.


  • 4 center widths, as standard.
  • 7 standard back heights for optimal set up in accordance with riser height and sight lines.
  • Can be installed in steps or treads.
  • Tread length should be min. 930 mm to ensure the recommended escape route.
  • Can be installed in curved rows.
  • 5-year warranty against design and manufacturing defects, as standard.
  • For more information, see downloads.
  • Various table solutions.
  • Sockets, USB sockets and induction charging.
  • Tip-up with counterweight.
  • Swivel or slide rail.
  • Chair delivered on office chair base.
  • Ask us what else is possible for your solution!
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