Skeie | Sonate Planet

Skeie | Sonate Planet gives planetarium owners the opportunity to offer guests seats with the same ergonomics and comfort as Skeie’s renowned cinema chairs. The chair builds on the Sonate Recliner model, but is specially adapted for use in the planetarium. Among other things, it has a super glide function, which means that the back can be reclined much further back than a normal cinema chair. When the smooth reclining mechanism for the seat and back is in the rear position, the upper part of the back cushion will function as a good headrest when looking up, and this ensures good support of the neck. Sonate Planet can be delivered with Notis A – a folding table integrated in the armrest, so you can take notes.

The super glide function can aslo be delivered to our models Skeie | Solist og Skeie | Sonett. See pictures of these 2 models in the slide show.


  • Various center widths for optimization according to the shape of the room.
  • Back height optimized for neck support when fully reclined
  • Optimized number of floor mounts. Can be installed in steps or treads.
  • Tread length should be min. 1150/1300 mm (flat floor/steps) to ensure the recommended escape route.
  • Can be installed in curved rows.
  • 5-year warranty against design and manufacturing defects, as standard.
  • For more information, see downloads.
  • Ask us what is possible for your solution!
  • See Sonate Recliner for inspiration.
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