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The Logos series consists of four different models, all with visible wood to a greater or lesser degree. The models are called Basic, Classic, Mix and Maxi. We have optimized the series for use in teaching in all school and conference buildings. It is highly adaptable, with an ergonomic design that provides a good learning and teaching environment. The seat and back are made of 12 mm moulded plywood with a visible top layer according to the customer’s desired. The chairs can be delivered with a fixed writing board (Notis F), fold-down writing board (Notis B) and writing board in cassette (Notis C), in addition to front tables and removable tables for the first row. All tabletops can be delivered with a surface according to the customer’s wishes and needs. The Logos series’ great flexibility means that the product can easily meet the design expression of the room and the building.


  • 4 models.
  • 4 center widths, as standard.
  • 4 standard back heights for optimal set up in accordance with riser height and sight lines.
  • Can be installed in steps or treads.
  • Tread length should be min. 900mm (850mm without a table) to ensure the recommended escape route.
  • Can be installed in curved rows.
  • 5-year warranty against design and manufacturing defects, as standard.
  • For more information, see downloads.
  • Various table solutions.
  • Cable channels, sockets, USB sockets and induction charging.
  • Tip-up with counterweight.
  • Swivel or slide rail.
  • Chair delivered on office chair base.
  • Ask us what is possible for your solution!
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