Accessories for Amphi

In recent years, Skeie has established cooperation with quality suppliers for all aspects of the floor surface of plenary hall, so that we become your total supplier. In addition, we can provide acoustic panels for walls, from several of our partners, as well as LED lighting for walls / ceilings. This simplifies the purchasing and construction process for you as a customer, ensures good interaction between the involved suppliers, and an efficient construction period. Our thorough quality check before choosing partners, also ensures you a top overall result. For our amphitheatre constructions, we can, among other things, supply railings, handrails for stairwells, parquet, carpets, coatings and tiles for floors, step & row lights, sockets and USB sockets. All including installation. Is there something you miss on our list, we would love to hear from you to see if we can help!

In collaboration with our partners, we are happy to advice you on material choices for the floor surfaces in your amphitheatre. For a cinema building, we typically recommend carpets in stairwells, for safe movement, and vinyl or similar between the rows for easy cleaning. In other types of buildings, there may be other factors that are important to make the best choice.

We deliver products adapted to public environments, with high durability, easy cleaning and long service life. Both parquet, carpets, vinyl and hard flooring can be offered in many different colour references, and we are happy to send you samples of what is relevant to you.

Step lights and other LED lightning:
We supply European-produced LED lights from renowned LARS. We divide our led catalogue into three main sections: Step lights, suspended ceilings and decorative illumination.

We offer different step light profiles/ step nosings, with uplight / downlight or a combination. You can get a variety of mono colour options (coloured diffuser) or variable colours (RGB and RBGW) and also anti-slip list on the profiles. For existing concrete amphitheatres, without cable glands, we offer the Crossline series, with hidden cabling in the profiles. We can also supply dimmers and interfaces to various control systems (DALI, DMX, etc.) and signal amplifiers, as well as power supply units for step lighting.

We can supply LED-illuminated row numbers integrated in the step lights from LARS, or the same design integrated in end beams on chairs. You can find more information here:

LARS also supplies in a very elegant way (fits Glava and most other systems).

Finally, we see a growing trend of using more decorative illuminated items on walls or ceilings, inside cinema auditoriums or other halls. For that purpose, we offer a wide selection of decorative profiles for recessed or surface installation. As with step lights, they can be supplied in various mono colours (white cool, white warm, blue, red, orange) or with RGB (W) LED’s, which will expand the possibilities for decorative illumination even more. There is also the option of a s, where the profile appears all black when the lights are off.  See for inspiration.

We can deliver LED-profiles complete, with installation via our installation partner.


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